Learn fast, easy, super healthy lunch tricks for your kids

One of the big challenges we parents face every day is packing school lunches for the kids.

We want to give them something healthy, but it has to be quick to prepare and shouldn’t cost a fortune.

But with so many products, and so much advertising and marketing, it is becoming more and more confusing for parents wanting to feed their children the healthiest options while still saving money and time.

Too often parents end up falling back on packaged foods that are usually heavily processed and nowhere near as healthy as they would like you to believe.

So, why not let Nic and Ness from Your Authentic Self show you simple and easy ways to replace these processed and packaged foods, how to read food labels to find the nasties, and discuss how to pack a lunch that will give your kids the energy to learn, grow, and play.

They will show you a range of tasty, fun and nutritious pre-/school lunch options, with recipes for pre-/school friendly (some nut free) healthy treats and snacks as well as main lunch ideas and recipes.

This class is ideal for parents who want to pack a lunch that will excite and satisfy growing kids while still being healthy.



Nic and Ness are passionate foodies and kitchen scientists who love to create delicious meals for their own families and yours.  

Running their own successful cooking school, they embrace the philosophy that everyone can find health and happiness by being true to them selves.

They hope that by sharing their own passion for cooking, love of food and health and wellbeing, they can help you to be Your Authentic Self.



The class will be held on Wednesday 25th November at 10am and will run for 3 hours.   

The class will be kept small, and is very interactive, so there is plenty of opportunity to ask all the questions you want, share ideas, and taste the recipes.

The cost is $120 per person.

Book your place now by clicking on this link!