Sydney's finest and friendliest personal trainers.

We recruit our trainers on the basis of their expertise and their friendliness, not the size of their muscles.

Our trainers are typically experts in a chosen sport (including triathlon, dancing, decathlon, golf, martial arts, swimming, cross fit), are highly trained and experienced and know how to get results.

They are also people you enjoy spending time with rather than feel intimidated by. 

They’re not that bad looking either!     

Craig Baker

Craig is a super talented athlete in one of the most demanding events of all: the decathlon.  

Unfortunately he is also English so it doesn’t help Australia win medals…but we are very lucky to have him bring all his experience and expertise into the club to share with his clients.

Craig’s interest in sport started at a young age. First as a gymnast, but at 12 he decided that the high jump was 'cooler' so started doing little bit just for fun.

By 17 he had become one of the best youth high jumpers in the UK and was awarded a scholarship to study Sports Science at Brunel University (London).

Whilst at uni he made the switch to decathlon, and during his final 2 years he was training almost full time under the mentorship of the national coach. Thanks largely to the right training, Craig became the British Universities’ silver medallist at decathlon in 2006. A year later he had graduated and was representing Great Britain in what is one of the most demanding of sports.

Whilst competing, he completed his qualification as a personal trainer. 

Craig has now spent the last 5 years training a wide range of people including the young, old, unfit, elite athletes, injured and disabled. His guiding philosophy is enjoyment = consistency = progression. Craig gets a buzz out of seeing people improve and achieve their goals.


  • Distance running and sports performance 
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Weight loss 


  • Circuit training
  • Boxing
  • Metabolic testing 
  • Athletics coaching

Alana Pearce.jpg

Alana Pearce

Alana has a contagious love and passion for health and fitness. She thrives on demonstrating first hand exactly how amazing life can be when you live a healthy life style.

Alana’s love for healthy living and thirst for knowledge drove her to study a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional medicine. Her studies have led her to be bursting with exciting new trends and concepts to share with her clients.

Alana believes strongly that balance is the key to sustaining results for a lifetime, and that what works for one person may not work for the next. Through one-on-one specialized attention, Alana enjoys mentoring her clients through the mental battles that often stand in the way when it comes to changing habits and switching to a healthy lifestyle.

On the gym floor Alana is energetic, friendly and passionate and it is no surprise that she has helped many of her clients achieve lifetime health and fitness goals throughout her time in the industry.


  • Olympic lifting
  • Dietary planning and mentoring
  • Body fat loss
  • Weight training and exercise prescription for all ages
  • Experienced in training pre- & post- natal clients
  • Injury prevention training (Postural & Mobility analysis) 


  • Certificate 3 & 4
  • Master Trainer (Australian Institute of Fitness)
  • Advanced strength and Olympic lifting
  • Thump boxing instructor 

Marion Turley

Marion is a former national swimmer, competing against the likes of 3 x Olympic Gold medalist Leisel Jones.

An accomplished athlete, she was also selected for State League netball and is a gun rower!

Since retiring from swimming and becoming a coach, her passion has shifted to boxing, kickboxing, weightlifting and Cross Fit.

Marion understands what it takes to work hard for results and continually strive to improve both mentally and physically.

Marion works with and is mentored by Hays Daewoud, the founder and head instructor of ACE Martial Arts.

She believes in leading an active, sustainable lifestyle and thrives to build solid foundations, teach new skills, provide motivation and above all have fun!


  • Boxing & Kickboxing
  • Functional movement
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Olympic lifting
  • Metabolic Conditioning & HIIT
  • Nutritional planning, guidance & advice
  • Biomechanical assessment (Postural & Mobility analysis) 
  • Tailored program design and delivery


  • Advanced Boxing & Kickboxing for Fitness
  • Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
  • Senior First Aid
  • Working with Children