30 Day Wellness Challenge

The 30 Day Wellness Challenge is finally here! 


o   Continually wake up tired

o   Rely on caffeine to get you through the day

o   Find it difficult to shift body fat

o   Find it hard to put on lean muscle

o   Often have brain fog, are forgetful or have low concentration

o   Have lower libido than you would like 

o   Difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep

o   Feel stressed, agitated or wired

o   Struggle with energy for training

o   Want to be lean, healthy and full of energy?


Welcome to the 30 Day Wellness Challenge with Centennial Health Club.

Can you imagine waking up to the best day of your life...every day? This is the promise of wellness.

Over the next 30 days you will take an all-round approach to health and wellness. This challenge will give you the fundamentals for leading a healthier and more active lifestyle focusing not only on the physical aspect of training, but also the emotional and chemical aspects to give you all of the tools you need to succeed.

You will learn how food can be fun and enjoyable, how to de-stress and think positively and perform a variety of different styles of exercise and the benefits they bring.

This challenge is not just a weight loss programme. It is an educational and sustainable way of life.

Join the 30 DAY WELLNESS CHALLENGE and work towards a total state of Wellbeing

30 DAYS of life changing goodness

An education health program… not just a weight loss challenge

More information:

30 DAYS of life changing goodness

$159 for Members   

$259 non members

It’s a 30 day challenge that’s all about eating real food in order to remove bad habits, reset your hormone/adrenal system so you can drop body fat, sleep better, feel great and have more energy.

Everyone wants to look and feel their best, but it's important that the food you eat leaves you feeling energized and not starving…

What do 30 Wellness Challenge participants get as part of the challenge?

  • 30 Days of unlimited training at Centennial Health Club (and access to all classes)
  • Dedicated Wellness Class once a week. Design to build comradery and team spirit as well as fun
  • Access to the 30-Day Challenge seminars
  • Body Analysis Scan. Providing you an accurate insight into your body composition (fat% & Muscle%)
  • 30 Day Challenge Nutrition + Exercise + Mindset Guideline booklet    
  • Online support and mentoring in a closed FB group, emails sent weekly
  • Delicious recipe booklet
  • Shopping list planner
  • Goal setting session with NLP Coach
  • Great prizes from our corporate partners
  • After Challenge Party
  • Lastly...results and habits you can commit to.

Still need more info? Ask reception or speak to reception on 1300 001 039