Walk in. Crawl out.

A new fitness trend is sweeping across the world and it involves crawling for prolonged periods of time.

Yes, crawling.

Allegedly it helps the body rediscover the mobility we had as children, even though, as far as evidence shows, infants have never been known as particularly mobile.

Do not be concerned, therefore, if you see grown adults crawling around. They aren’t hurt or blind drunk – well perhaps they are – but they are also simply trying out the latest fitness fad.

Crawling may generally go out of fashion at the age of 2 but it seems that it can actually have a lot of health benefits for adults. Honestly.

Chiropractors are referring to crawling as "the new plank". It gives your core a great strength workout, which can help ease back problems caused by our increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

Last weekend, there was a free event called “Crawl on the Mall” in Washington that saw participants crawl between the White House and the Washington Monument in an attempt to ‘press the reset’ button on their bodies. We wonder if this might work in Sydney

A group called Original Strength is an advocate of movements like crawling because they believe it can help us undo years of bad postural habits, providing a base to start doing other exercises. Helping us remember how to regain the strength and mobility we had when we were little kids.

 As Original Strength co-founder told The Washington Post: “There’s a reason why kids learn to crawl before they take their first steps. It helps them create a healthy gait pattern. It should take four limbs to walk".

Why not try it out next time you're at Centennial Health Club? Three minutes might make an impact pre and post your workouts. We promise we won't think you've lost your contact lenses or your mind or been at the pub at lunchtime.

Centennial Coach Andrew Bovill shows us the best crawl moves.

 Bear crawl

This is a full body movement designed to get you mobile and strong. You want to load your core by tucking under the pelvis and tightening the abs. Create tension between your toes and fingers as you alternate between left foot and right hand. Keep the knees as low to the floor without touching and enjoy the pain searing through the shoulders and abdominals to quadriceps!

Lizard crawl

This crawl is an advanced movement that involves shoulder and hip mobility, while having the co-ordination to alternate legs and arms. You are much lower to the floor than a bear crawl, and therefore the pressure is harder and more intense for the core. Go on, give it a try!

Crab Crawl

This is designed to stretch out the hip flexors and engage the thoracic spine and pull back the shoulders. It's basically the opposite of sitting down at a desk for eight hours. Yes, I'm talking to you. It's a great burn in the glutes too, which is necessary after all that time sitting on your backside.