The Workout Wall

We are pleased to announce that our new “Workout Wall” is up and live!

The Workout Wall is the easiest way to find new and exciting workout plans, to keep your training fresh, and make sure that your fitness gains don’t plateau.

It is like having a personal trainer in your pocket 24 hours a day…and is completely free.

Simply choose one of the 24 workout options on the Workout Wall. Then scan the QR code (via Centennial’s Mywellness App) relating to your desired workout The workout is now in your pocket and ready when you are!

We have carefully chosen 24 workouts that ensure your whole body is worked out, with different objectives, and varying levels of intensity. But every workout is designed to get fast results and be fun.

If you have any questions at all about the Workout Wall or just want a hand downloading your first workouts, grab any member of the Centennial Team and we will show you how to get started.