Centennial Health Club member Ben Duncan was looking for a fresh fitness challenge so he decided to join the KREX class at Centennial this week.

This is what happened…in Ben’s own words.

I’d never tried KREX out for two main reasons. Firstly I wasn’t actually sure exactly what the class involved. It sounded suspiciously like an early 90’s hip-hop group. Secondly, the parts I had seen, using the cables to pull yourself up, looked like they would be too easy for me. It only took 10 minutes of the class to show me how wrong I was about that second point.

The first thing to mention about the Centennial frame area is that it's really spacious. It's a bit like an adult version of a jungle gym. I challenge anyone to walk in there without ending up hanging form something or swinging across bars like that “Hang Tough” game in Gladiator.

I had thought a KREX class would be a slow-paced conditioning class focussing on stretching. In reality it's a combination of strength training, core work, and high intensity blocks across the 45 minutes.

One half of the room worked on TRX movements while the rest of us did Kettle Bell exercises. I'm still hoping there will come a day when someone tells to do burpees and I don't suddenly feel a sense of dread.

The TRX exercises are split across the main muscle groups. The first set working the chest and triceps, the second the back and biceps. As I write this now, two days later, I can still feel an ache in my arms I don't normally get from weights. The final exercise saw us performing a sort of plank with our legs hanging by the TRX handles, then we raised our knees to either side of our chest. Suddenly there were a lot of grunts and moans from everyone.

For anyone looking for an all-round work out, I can’t recommend KREX enough. In addition to the increased cardio from the floor work, training using a TRX and Kettle Bells can be as hard as weight training. I was actually surprised how quickly I tired from the chest press and the triceps extensions. Add these to one-minute pull-up holds and you have a challenging, rewarding, and really fun workout.

Book yourselves in!