Nutrition With Ali Dear

As you know by now, Centennial is extremely lucky to have Ali Dear as our resident in-house nutritionist. 

We have been getting lots of requests for further information about how she can help members achieve their health and fitness goals and also prices for her services. 

So here you go....

You can either book to see Ali via single sessions or choose a specific package. 

One-on-one single sessions cost $140 for the initial one hour consultation and then $70 for each 1/2 hour follow up session. 

Ali also offers a fantastic range of specific packages, including...

1. Mini-Urban Program

1 month @ $250 – save $30

Kick start your journey with 2 x 1hr health coaching sessions. Get clear on where you are now, set your target and start moving towards your ultimate health and wellness goals.  Get a nutrition plan specific for you and get started straight away. Get unlimited email and phone call follow up during this time along with recipes and motivation help.

2. Urban Soul Signature Program

3 months @ $250 per month or $660 straight up – save $90

Start fresh and follow through. Through six individual sessions we will identify and eliminate the major barriers that have prevented you from accomplishing your goals. You will learn tried and true techniques, tips and tricks for making healthy easy. Receive ongoing support, information and accountability to ensure you stay on track. While a longer program is more powerful, those wanting a focused start on their journey, and are not able to commit to a six-month program, should start here. 12 weeks to a new you – sounds great, huh?

 3. The Game Changer Program                                                  

6 months @ $250 per month or $1,200 straight up – save  $300

This is the home run: the full kit and kaboodle. During 12 powerful sessions (one per fortnight), we’ll work together to achieve ultimate wellness.  If that means changing your body shape, conquering illness, competing in a sporting event, reaching unfathomable energy levels and minimising stress…then this is for you. It’s no secret that change takes time, and if you want results that last a lifetime 6 months is a breeze! Go beyond just food – what else nourishes you and what actions currently do not serve you? Why do we do these things? Find out! You will get full nutritional assessment, reports and recommendations. You will do a food/mood analysis and incorporate behavioural change techniques to break bad habits. Support provided every step of the way will ensure you make radical change in your life – with results that last. 

Please contact Club Reception for information on booking your session with Ali.