Evening with Tim Robards and Ali Dear

Centennial Health Club and Health Space Clinics are delighted to invite you to an exclusive evening event with Tim Robards and Ali Dear.


On the 24th June, Centennial Health Club will be hosting a special evening event for members and their guests, with two icons of health and fitness in Sydney.


If you have watched TV or read any news over the last couple of years then I am sure you have heard of Tim Robards. Tim shot to national fame after appearing on the TV show “The Bachelor”. There is far more to Tim, or more accurately, Dr Tim Robards (Chiropractor), than the tabloid images might suggest. Tim holds a Masters Degree of Chiropractic, has treated and mentored some of the world’s best athletes, is a successful entrepreneur, and hugely enjoyable speaker. Tim practices at Health Space Clinics in Sydney. Tim has also recently developed “The Robards Method”, an holistic approach to life that provides a “new, simpler way to eat, think and move right so you can thrive in your environment and live life to your full genetic potential”.


On the night, Tim will be talking about “Functional Movement” - why it is important to be agile and mobile, a few simple tests to assess your mobility and a few exercises to improve it!


Ali Dear is Centennial’s resident nutritionist. Ali is a highly qualified and well recognised nutritionist and yoga teacher with 15 years’ experience in the Health and Fitness industry. She has worked with the novice to the elite – including work with Australian professional cyclists for the season leading to the Tour de France, featuring on 2UE as nutrition expert and writing articles for Ride Media and Cyclist Magazine.


Ali will be talking about “Nutritional strategies for recovery and injury prevention”. She will discuss how the body repairs itself after an injury (training hard is also in essence an injury to muscle fibers). She will also discuss the food and supplement protocols we can use to ensure quick recovery so you get best results: training and recovering both stronger and completely.


We are also delighted to have our friends from Amazonia Raw attending on the night. Amazonia were one of the very first companies to bring Acai to Australia and have recently launched “Raw”, a range of protein and nutritional supplements with a simple philosophy: If it grew in nature and has superfood powers, it's in. Bursting with the colours of the rainbow and deeply nourishing, you bet! But if it's synthetic or refined, it's out. If it's not kind to the environment, then forget it!


Amazonia Raw will have their smoothie stand set up and will be serving 3 types of delicious nutritional smoothies: (1) Pre- Pro biotic health smoothie, (2) Paleo protein based smoothie, (3) Slim  & Tone based smoothie.  


Tickets are FREE for members and their guests but are limited so we recommend booking yours today here.