Get ready to Stomp!

Stadium Stomp returns to Sydney on Sunday 26 July and Centennial Health Club is delighted to be the official gym partner of the event!

Stadium Stomp is an epic stair climbing challenge involving not one but two BIG sporting stadiums, the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) and Allianz Stadium right next door.

Climb your way up, down and around the bays of these two amazing stadiums in an epic 6,300 stair climb. There will be rest stops, drink stations and music playing to keep you focused and pumped. 

Centennial will be running the official warm up on the day of the event and will of course be working hard to have you all fit, ready, and rearing to pound those steps on the day! 

In the coming weeks we will be offering training tips, but in the meantime, you can find out more about the event and sign-up here.

As a member of Centennial Health Club you will also get $10 off your registration fee if you use the code: SS15CHC