New Touch Music Kiosk

One of the things that was mentioned in our last member survey was the music we were playing in the gym.


You wanted more diversity in the music we were playing, you wanted it to pump you up, and you wanted it at the right volume….although for some of you that meant turning it down…and for others it meant turning it up!


So we have invested in getting a new music system put in place by Nightlife Music. For more than 25 years these guys have been supplying Australia’s leading clubs, bars and restaurants with music. They have also been at the forefront of introducing new interactive music technology.


So you will now find our new music touch kiosk in the gym….with a huge selection of great music to get you in the right mood for your workout….you can even choose your own favourite tunes to really pump yourself up!


So here’s to the sweet sound of the perfect workout mix!