Learn self-defence from bodyguard to the stars

We are super excited to be able to offer Centennial Health Club members the chance to learn the fundamentals of self-defence from one of Australia’s top martial arts trainers and Personal Protection Officer to the stars: Filippo Geremia


Who will you be learning from?

Filippo is an internationally trained and qualified Personal Protection Officer with more than 15 years experience in operational and strategic security leadership roles. Working both domestically and internationally, he has worked with some of the highest profile international A-list celebrities and companies.


Filippo has both academic qualifications and professional memberships to leading international bodies such as the International Bodyguard Association, the International Bodyguard Service and is the National Director of Street Combat Systems Australia.


With an extensive background and years of martial arts training in five of the world’s most prominent disciplines, Filippo is also a passionate and qualified trainer and assessor and sees it as a great privilege to pass on his extensive knowledge and experience to people interested in self defense. 


Filippo has trained police and internal intelligence agency staff in defensive tactics and hand-to-hand combat and has worked and trained with private security companies in the Middle East, Europe and Australia in close personal protection, armed response, risk management and defensive tactics.


What will you learn?

Street Combat System Australia specialises in self-defence and defensive tactics. The classes aim to teach students the basic fundamentals of self-defence from situational awareness and assessing risk to how to read body language and levels of aggression.


The classes will cover evasive techniques and how to defend against surprise attacks and assaults, use of improvised weapons, and escape from chokes, grabs and defence against strikes. It will also demonstrate proper use of strikes, kicks and blocking techniques.


Why learn self-defence?

There are huge benefits from self-defence:

  1. Greater safety and protection - having knowledge of basic self-defence techniques like punching, blocking a punch and kicking, gives you a better chance of escaping a dangerous situation unharmed.
  2. Increases your self-confidence - knowing you have the ability to defend yourself in high-risk situations.
  3. Improves your physical and mental strength – by improving balance, speed and overall body coordination. 



Filippo will be running 1.5 hour sessions on Monday and Saturday. The first class will be on the 2nd November.

The cost is $20 per session.

If you are interested, please talk to reception. Spaces are strictly limited to 15 people, so we would recommend getting in quickly.