30 Day Wellness Challenge

30 Day Wellness Challenge

The 30 Day Wellness Challenge is finally here! 


o   Continually wake up tired

o   Rely on caffeine to get you through the day

o   Find it difficult to shift body fat

o   Find it hard to put on lean muscle

o   Often have brain fog, are forgetful or have low concentration

o   Have lower libido than you would like 

o   Difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep

o   Feel stressed, agitated or wired

o   Struggle with energy for training

o   Want to be lean, healthy and full of energy?


Welcome to the 30 Day Wellness Challenge with Centennial Health Club.

Can you imagine waking up to the best day of your life...every day? This is the promise of wellness.

The Dawn of Strategic Fitness: Fascia Release

The Dawn of Strategic Fitness: Fascia Release

Fitness classes aimed at women used to be based on the notion that monotonous bouncing (like dancing, but without style or rhythm) would trick us into working up a sweat. Sweat was proof that you were doing it right, technique was not an issue. Whilst the ladies leapt about like epileptic kangaroos, the blokes were doing bicep curls – seated bicep curls. These guys couldn’t run for a bus or reach their shoelaces, but they could be proud of their pointlessly distended biceps. It was a simpler time. It was not a better time.

Now, Centennial Health Club has developed a highly sophisticated new class to bring some strategic intelligence to our workouts. Hallelujah. Because even the fittest among us still want to improve our mobility, flexibility and resilience to injury.

Walk in. Crawl out.

Walk in. Crawl out.

A new fitness trend is sweeping across the world and it involves crawling for prolonged periods of time.

Yes, crawling.

Allegedly it helps the body rediscover the mobility we had as children, even though, as far as evidence shows, infants have never been known as particularly mobile.

Do not be concerned, therefore, if you see grown adults crawling around. They aren’t hurt or blind drunk – well perhaps they are – but they are also simply trying out the latest fitness fad.

Crawling may generally go out of fashion at the age of 2 but it seems that it can actually have a lot of health benefits for adults. Honestly.

Chiropractors are referring to crawling as "the new plank". It gives your core a great strength workout, which can help ease back problems caused by our increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

Cleanse the cleanse!

Cleanse the cleanse!

Every January sees the media flooded with detox and juice diets. It is as predictable as Shane Warne getting into trouble every Summer.  

Most of us will have attempted some form of detox in January as an attempt to cleanse our bodies after overindulging in the festive period. Advertisements are plastered everywhere for faddy juice cleanses and diets that will make you lose ‘7 stone in 7 days’– often promoted by B-grade celebrities. But these detox diets are unsustainable, and frankly aren’t that enjoyable…Beyonce’s maple syrup cleanse certainly doesn’t float our boat!